World Class Professionals

As the business environment evolves, so does the technology and techniques that enables organizations to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Our professionals are well versed in state‑of‑the‑art business practices and technology as well as the techniques, methodologies, and productivity tools used to implement solutions.  This broad expertise ensures that our clients will benefit from being on the “leading edge” of technological change, rather than on the “bleeding edge”.

As a firm, MetaData has “leading edge” knowledge in enabling technologies, CASE tools, structured methodologies and business‑driven systems planning and development including its own MetaData Manager™.  We will continue to make the best use of available technologies to meet our clients’ needs while at the same time promoting the transfer of our “leading edge” knowledge to our clients.

Our practitioners possess significant experience in the following industry sectors:

  • Communications;
  • Financial (Banking & Insurance);
  • Manufacturing;
  • Public Sector;
  • Retail;  and
  • Transportation.

Corporate Mission

MetaData is committed to addressing our client’s immediate business requirements in an efficient and economic fashion by making effective use of enabling technologies.  Additionally, we are equally committed to providing a framework that allows our solutions to evolve.  As a company, we take a long term view — we know that business and technology needs will change over time. Our mission is to provide our clients with best in class solutions that are flexible and can adapt to continuous change, thereby maximizing the return on their information technology investment.


We at MetaData have always believed in the strategic value of data and have totally focused our attention to this unique practice.  Finally, Information Technology has evolved to the front line in most organizations as a key competitive differentiator.  It has become strategic in the sense that it is a necessary component in the execution of any business strategy.  Countless organizations rely on the innovative use of their Decision Support Systems to achieve a temporary and in certain cases a sustainable competitive advantage.

In recent years, with the emergence of enterprise networks and inter-enterprise systems (EDI), a major change has occurred in terms of who uses the data to support their day-to-day business decisions.  Until recently, the focus was on technology specialists and managers who designed, implemented, managed, controlled and usually owned all access to the enterprise data.  Today, business users have moved to the forefront.  They number in millions and are more sophisticated and even more demanding.

To enable these decision-makers, a well-defined Enterprise Information Repository containing the metadata is a Critical Success Factor.  Metadata is the business definition of the organization’s information and its associated rules for processing, thus knowledge.  This new enterprise information solution can finally deliver on the promises of IT where it previously fell short.

Enterprise Data + Metadata  ⇒  Knowledge as a Strategic Business Resource